City Views Jianshui, China 2017

Jianshui County is a town and a district of the Honghe Autonomous Region of Hani and Yi in Yunnan Province, China. Jianshui is located 190 km south of Kunming. Its beginnings can be traced back to the Jin Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, Jianshui was part of the once influential Nanzhao and later the Dali Kingdom. Among the Mongols, Jianshui became an important military base for Kublai Khan’s army. The mountains surrounding Jianshui are home to various ethnic minorities such as Dai, Hu and Yi.

The most distinctive point of the city is undoubtedly the ‘Chaoyang’ tower, which was built in 1398 during the early Ming Dynasty. The tower was formerly the eastern border of the old town, today it is located in the city center. A short walk away is the idyllic Wenmiao or Confucius Temple from the 13th century. Another attraction is the ‘Garden of the Zhu Family‘, an old house with a beautiful garden of the once wealthy Zhu family from the Qing Dynasty.


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