Steinwald - Stone Forest

Stone Forest, Kunming 2017

Shilin Autonomous County is located southeast of Kunming, China. About 35% of its inhabitants are ethnic minorities of China, mainly of Yi nationality. The stone forest is one of the leading attractions of the region and covers an area of ​​50 square kilometers and is the world’s highest karst topography. Here rare stone mountains rise in different shapes so that it is called the “rare miracle No.1 on the earth”. It is often compared with the karst landscape around Guilin. The area of ​​the stone forest is inhabited mainly by the minority of Sani.

In total, the area includes eight exciting regions, of which so far the Stone Forest, the Long Lake, the hill Heisong and the water landscape are developed. On the cliffs, you can see corals because the geological origin of the stone forest lies in a vanished sea. These natural karstic formations originated around 200 million years ago when the earth’s crust rose, and the original water sank. A 1,200-meter hiking trail meanders through the stone labyrinth, past fantastic structures reminiscent of humans, animals, swords, and pagodas. In 2007 UNESCO included the Stone Forest Shilin on the World Heritage list.


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