Königspalast Luang Prabang - Royal Palace Luang Prabang

Royal Palace, Luang Prabang 2017

Luang Prabang’s most magnificent estate is located in a sprawling area just off the main road in a well-maintained, beautifully landscaped garden. The former royal palace, where once the kings of the country lived and ruled, is now a national museum.

The main building dated back to the early 20th century and was once the primary residence of Sisavang Vong, whose statue adorns the exterior. Later, his descendant King Savang Vatthana lived here with his family. In 1995, the palace was converted into a museum after extensive restoration and thus made accessible to the public.

On the grounds of the palace, there is also a new temple pavilion where the statue of Phra Bang Buddha is to be found. You can not enter the interior. Both in the museum and in the temple, photography is prohibited.


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