Kaeng Nyui Wasserfall - Kaeng Nyui Waterfall

Kaeng Nyui Waterfall, Vang Vieng 2017

East of Vang Vieng hides in the jungle the Kaeng Nyui waterfall. The drive there is demanding and leads over a rocky road through small villages, forest and rice fields. The Kaeng Nyui Waterfall Group consists of three sections: the five-meter-deep Kenlon that pours into a swimming pool, the Kaeng Nyui and the inaccessible Kaeng Nyeang. The Kaeng Nyui has a height of 34 meters and is very impressive in the rainy season. The power of the water immerses the landscape at its foot in a fine permanent spray.

A series of partly adventurous bridges and ladders connect the various waterfalls and swimming pools. Dense jungle surrounds the well-developed paths that lead to the waterfalls. Villagers from Ban Naduang are the traditional owners of the place and have built the trails along the creek. They also manage the parking lot and own the food stalls. Here you can strengthen after the exhausting journey in small Salas riverside.


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