Wat Sisaket

Wat Sisaket, Vientiane 2017

Wat Si Saket is a Buddhist temple in the heart of Vientiane. It was founded in 1818 by King Anouvong. Among other things, he also rebuilt the Ho Phra Keo from 1566. With the extensive destruction of Vientiane only a few buildings, including Wat Si Saket, possibly spared because the architecture was based more on the Thai than on the Lao style. Today, the old temple complex next to Patuxai and the Stupa Pha That Luang is one of the city’s most popular attractions.

The building complex, with a terrace surrounding the main building with its five-part roof, is surrounded by a wall with more than 2,000 Buddha images of ceramic, wood, and silver. One of the reasons why the Si Saket temple is so famous is these Buddha statues. These together with the murals represent the different stages of the Buddha’s life.


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