Mekong, Lao 2017

The Mekong forms one of the central roads for Laos. At the same time, when traveling by ship or on the shore, you have the opportunity to observe and get to know the usual life of the Laotians and their daily routine, which takes place primarily on the river. In Vientiane, the Mekong forms the natural border with Thailand.

The river crosses six countries. Its length is given with 4350 km to 4909 km. It is one of the twelve longest rivers in the world. So far, the source of the Mekong has not been precisely defined, as it is the result of several confluences in areas of the Tibetan Plateau, some of which are difficult to reach. Following the Tibetan highlands, the Mekong flows through the Chinese province of Yunnan. It then forms the border river between Myanmar and Laos for about 200 km. At the end of this route, the Mae Nam Ruak flows into the Mekong, forming the triangle (Golden Triangle) between Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. Southeast of the city of Muang Khong leaves the Mekong Laos and then flows through Cambodia. Just north of Phnom Penh, the Tonle Sap River flows into the Mekong. From Cambodia, the Mekong, now in a width to be measured in kilometers, flows across the border into the south of Vietnam. South of Ho Chi Minh City, the twin rivers are widening to over 70,000 kilometers of extensive Mekong Delta and pouring into the South China Sea.


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