Itou Wasserfall - Itou Waterfall

Itou Waterfall, Bolaven Plateau 2017

The Bolaven Plateau is a 1,200 meter high and 10,000 square kilometers high plateau in Laos. It is mainly located in the province of Champasak in the south of the country and lies between the Annamite Mountains, which form the border with Vietnam in the east and the Mekong in the west. On the plateau live different ethnic groups, their most significant, with about 50,000 persons, which is the lavas. The plateau was named after them: Bolaven = home of the lavas.

In the region mainly agriculture is practiced: are grown rubber, cardamom, pepper, green tea, and coffee, which gives the plateau national importance and is highly recommended.

The Tad Fane, the highest waterfall in Laos at 120 meters, and the Tad Phasuam, Tad Lo, Tad E-Tu, Tad Champee and Tad Nyuang waterfalls are located in the Bolaven Plateau. The region is the most fertile in the country, and it is often more refreshing on the plateau than in the nearby Pakse, making it a beautiful sanctuary in hot Laos.


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