Ta Som

Ta Som, Angkor 2017

The Ta Som Buddhist temple was built in 1190-1210 by Jayavarman VII and expanded during the reign of Indravarman II. As a typical flat temple with triple edging, it is a “simplified miniature version” of the Ta-Prohm Temple. The temple lies on an axis with the Preah Khan and the Neak Pean, 2.5 km north of the Eastern Mebon.

Some scholars have identified Ta Som as Gaurashrigajaratna – the jewel of the lucky white elephant – mentioned in a stele of Preah Khan as home to 24 deities. The Ta Som temple is designed according to the common construction principles of the Khmer temples: axiality and symmetry and built with the characteristic building materials laterite and sandstone. With the orientation of the plant, the Ta Som Temple resembles the much larger monasteries of Ta Prohm and Banteay Kdei.


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