Östlicher Mebon - Eastern Mebon

Eastern Mebon, Angkor 2017

The Eastern Mebon was built on behalf of Rajendravarman II. The sanctuary was built on an artificial island in the middle of the Eastern Baray. The Shiva Temple was inaugurated in 952. Today, the Eastern Baray is dried up, and the island temple rises in the middle of the rice fields. It is located about 1.6 kilometers from Pre Rup.

The complex consists of a three-level pyramid and was previously accessible only by boat. There was no room for the wings of the Gopuram, which were laid in the second wall ring. You can reach them via stairs guarded by lion statues. The corners of the first and second levels are adorned with magnificent elephant statues. Especially the lintels are worth seeing in the Eastern Mebon.


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