Pre Rup

Pre Rup, Angkor 2017

The Shiva consecrated pyramid temple Pre Rup is located two kilometers behind the Srah Srang in Angkor near Siem Reap and is one of the most important temple mountains. He has a similar blueprint to the Eastern Mebon but is more complicated and gorgeous. The Pre Rup, in turn, served as a model for the much larger ‘Temple Mountains’ Ta Keo and Angkor Wat.

He demonstrates the transition between the pre-Angkorian and Angkor periods. The complex is on an artificial hill of laterite and was consecrated in 961 or early 962. The name means “to surround the corpse” and refers to the ‘sarcophagus.’

The temple consists of two terraces, on the second of which a three-level pyramid rises. A stele found on the north side in the first wall ring is the most extended surviving text in Sanskrit with 298 lines of text. The central Prasat, guarded by lions, reaches a height of 17 meters with five floors.

Like the Eastern Mebon, the Pre Rup also seems to have had a dual function: the architecture identifies it as a temple mountain, but it also served as a shrine due to the corner temples consecrated to the King’s relatives.


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