Chao Say Tevoda

Chao Say Tevoda, Angkor 2017

The Chau Say Tevoda is a compact, formerly Hindu flat temple near the Thommanon Temple. Chao Say Tevoda was built by Suryavarman II or one of his senior court officials and was probably accessible from the Siem Reap River. The core building with five chambers is flanked by two side entrances. The gable faces depict scenes from the Ramaya epic. The temple displays the two classical elements of Indian architecture: the Mandapa (Pavilion) of the faithful and the Cella.

In the sixties of the 20th century, Thommanon and the west gate of Chau Say Tevoda were carefully restored. Since 2002, restoration works on the other, relatively dilapidated buildings of Chau Say Tevoda go on. Therefore, the temple is only partially accessible.


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