Banteay Kdei

Banteay Kdei, Angkor 2017

The name Banteay Kdei, translated as the citadel of the cells, refers to the presumed abode of monks here. The building was built in 1181 by Jayavarman VII, probably on the ruins of a Buddhist temple. The building is presumably dedicated to Buddha.

The complex is surrounded by four wall rings. The exterior was later built in Bayon style. One enters the complex from the east and follows a long path that passes the ruins of two buildings. The entire system is aligned longitudinally. First you enter the complex around the Central Prasat. This is followed by the hall of the dancers. A brick walkway leads to the Gopuram and a terrace. In the center of the complex, innumerable corridors and paths connect individual rooms and corner pavilions.

Banteay Kdei, as well as Srah Srang, belongs to the less visited sights in Angkor. The first is worthwhile however in each case, since the plant is still quite well preserved and numerous decorative elements and figures can be admired.


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