Bad Wimpfen

City Views Bad Wimpfen, Germany 2017

Bad Wimpfen is a spa town on the river Neckar in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg. The town was once medieval Stauferpfalz and later until 1803 Imperial City. Bad Wimpfen is located on the left bank of the river Neckar about 10 km north-northwest of Heilbronn. Its older part, Wimpfen in the valley, runs along the river in its broad left-over meadow. A little west of this, Wimpfen on the mountain lies on the upper slope to the Kraichgau, to the left of the river valley.

First settlements in the district of the present town of Bad Wimpfen are documented for the later Stone Age and the Bronze Age. An old national road, coming from France, splits along the Jagst towards Nuremberg and via Öhringen to the Danube and has already been committed in prehistoric times, which is documented by numerous finds.


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