Pferdemarkt - Horse Market

Horse Market, Beerfelden 2017

Beerfelden has a market right since 1328. But the fairs of the early period can not precisely be proved. Historical sources only cover 198 markets between 1840 and 1850. According to the documents, 96,570 cattle were shown, and a total turnover of 1,549,396 Gulden was achieved.

In a meeting on 10.11.1900, the reorganization of the market was decided. The first market of this new kind took place on 29 July 1901, with 230 horses and foals, 200 cattle and 35 pigs. This was the birth of the horse market in its present form. Previously, the fair took place in the inner city area, with the amusement at the Martinskirche and the livestock market at the guest house “Zum Schützenhof.” In 1958, the market was last held in the city center and moved from 1959 to the market and sports center Stried for traffic-related reasons.

Despite the extensions of the supporting program for young and old, the horse market remains true to its roots. To this day the center of the fair is the horse market Monday with the largest and most versatile breeding show in Hessen. Every year around 400 livestock is brought to the exhibition, besides bovines, warm and cold blood horses, ponies, sheep, and goats now also small animals such as rabbits and poultry breeds.


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