Fürstenlager - Camp of the Princes

Fürstenlager, Auerbach 2017

With the discovery of the mineral fountain at the beginning of the 18th century, a lively health resort started operating in the area. This also aroused the attention of the Landgraves and Grand Dukes. In 1790 Landgraf Ludwig X decided to set up a usual summer residence in Auerbach, the Fürstenlager. The simple, village-like facility is located in an idyllic side valley of the foothills of the Odenwald on the Bergstraße and is arranged around the healthy fountain.

The approximately 46 acre park belongs to the early English gardens in Germany. It begins at the end of the village road and houses a number of exotic plants and vineyards. Particularly noteworthy is the giant Redwood tree, which 1852, shortly after the import of the tree species to Europe, was a gift of the English royal house for the park of the Hessian landgrave. This Redwood tree is probably the oldest in Germany and possibly on the continent.


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