Sammlung Berger - Collection Berger

Collection Berger, Amorbach 2017

The museum collection Berger with teapot museum is unique, at least in the European area. In addition to impressive exhibits of modern art, the gallery shows the most extensive teapot collection in Europe with 2467 figurative teapots from around the world and around 500 miniature teapots.

The Pepsi-Cola collection of the 1950s resides under the roof. Unfortunately, teddy bears are waiting for their viewers behind bars, while dolls form a protest march for their liberation.

Eva Maria Berger opened the Teapot Museum Amorbach in 1985. The entrepreneur, who came from an artist family, had collected modern art for a long time. Today the Museum Mutter belongs to one of the extraordinary sights of the city Amorbach.


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