Rathaus - City Hall

Hamburg City Hall, Hamburg 2017

The architecturally magnificent building at the Binnenalster in Hamburg was built between the years 1886 and 1897 by various architects in the historicist style of the Neo-Renaissance. Today’s town hall is probably the sixth town hall in the history of Hamburg. The two-lined granite and sandstone building has a 111-meter-wide façade with a 112-meter-high central tower. The roof is copper-covered.

Together with the stock exchange built in 1841, the town hall has a magnificent courtyard which is open to the public. The patio, with its richly decorated façades in the style of the Italian and Northern German Renaissance and the central Hygieia fountain, is architecturally one of the most demanding and most successful squares in the city. The fountain was designed by the sculptor Joseph von Kramer in 1895/1896.


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