Planten un Bloomen

Planten un Blomen, Hamburg 2017

Planten un Blomen, or Standard German: plants and flowers, is a park in the heart of Hamburg. The total area is today 45 hectares, offers in the summer different cultural events for young and old and is a popular excursion and recreation destination for Hamburgers and tourists.

But it was not always so peaceful and restful. In the 17th century, the fortifications were erected here between 1616 and 1625 by Johan van Valckenburgh as a fortification ring around the city center. After these lost their importance over time, the development of the park started. The Bremen art gardener Isaak Hermann Altmann was commissioned to transform the space according to the English model. This green belt was enlarged in the course of time and then encompassed the cemeteries in front of the Dammtor Gate, the Old Botanical Garden, and the 1861 erected Zoological Garden north of it.

Only a part of the park was given the name on the occasion of the Lower-German “Planten un Blomen” garden show in 1935, when the area was redesigned by the garden architect, Karl Plomin. The International Garden Exhibitions (IGA) 1953, 1963 and 1973 brought further changes to the park. In 1986, the entire complex, consisting of Planten un Blomen, Old Botanical Garden, Kleine Wallanlagen and Große Wallanlagen, officially received the traditional name Planten un Blomen.


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