City Views Potsdam, Germany 2017

Potsdam, capital of the state of Brandenburg, is also the largest city in the country, with around 170,000 inhabitants. It borders south-west Berlin and is known above all for its historical legacy as a former royal residence of the kings of Prussia with the numerous and unique castle and park facilities. The cultural landscapes were included in the list of the world cultural and natural heritage of humanity by the UNESCO as the largest ensemble of the German World Heritage sites.

Potsdam is mainly known as the city of castles and gardens. The Berlin-Potsdamer cultural landscape comprises almost 20 castles or palaces. The most prominent landmark and landmark of the town is Sanssouci Palace with its parks. The New Palace is the largest palace in Potsdam. It is located at the western end of Sanssouci Park.

Since its expansion as a residential city, Potsdam has been a European city. This is also reflected in culture and architecture. In addition to numerous architectural styles from different epochs, there are also houses built according to the Dutch and Russian design, which was made for former settlers.

The unique landscapes and buildings were recognized early on by kings as a residence and since 1911 by filmmakers as an ideal backdrop. Tradition as a media location dates a long way back. To this day, films of international standing are being produced in Babelsberg.


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