Neues Palais - New Palace

New Palace, Potsdam 2017

At the western end of the main avenue of the Sanssouci Park stands a huge palace building, which is recognizable from a distance by its high tambour dome: the New Palace. The massive complex served as a representation of the representation, quite in contrast to the intimate and rather modest Sanssouci Palace.

When the Seven Years’ War ended with the peace of Hubertusburg in 1763, and Prussia ended this without territorial losses, Frederick the Great resumed its building activity. The New Palace was created between 1763 and 1769 under the leading architects Johann Gottfried Büring, who had already built the Chinese House and the picture gallery in the Sanssouci Park, and Carl von Gontard.

The New Palace is the last crucial baroque palace in Prussia. Friedrich had planned it not as a royal residence, but as a castle for guests of his court. Emporer Wilhelm II made the New Palace from 1888 to 1918 permanently to his summer residency.


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