Baoshi Bergstatuen - Baoshi Mountain Statues

Baoshi Mountain Statues, Hangzhou 2017

The atmosphere of the big city of Hangzhou makes it hardly suspect that so close to the street noise and shopping humming is such a peaceful spot. Even if there are many people on the road, most of them are locals who do their daily fitness or singing exercises in the forest and thus spread more peace than the hustle and bustle.

If you decide to go for a small hike through the vast rocky area, you should not miss the Baochu Pagoda. Built in the Song Dynasty, it can be seen from the West Lake. From here you have a beautiful view over the lake in good weather.

Follow the eastern path to the Baoshi Mountain Statues that were formed in Hongyu 14 during the Ming Dynasty (1381 A). There were 28 Moya statues and 6 Moya stone inscriptions that stretched over 50 meters. After the destruction in the 1960s, only two figures remain, which are completely preserved. One sits cross-legged on a lotus throne, the other is a standing statue.


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