Zerbrochene Brücke - Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge, Hangzhou 2017

The famous site at the West Lake, the Broken Bridge, is located at the eastern point of Bai Causeway and is the most prestigious bridge among many bridges on or near the West Lake. It is said that the Broken Bridge was built in the Tang Dynasty. In the different seasons, the Broken Bridge has a different scene. In other words, the bridge has charm throughout the year.

Todays Broken Bridge was reconstructed in 1914. This restored bridge is an arch and single-whole bridge. The length of the bridge is 8.8 meters, and the width is 8.6 meters. The diameter is 6.1 meters. Its classic and elegant beauty did not change, although it was rebuilt.

In the Song Dynasty, the Broken Bridge was called Bao You Qiao (literally Bridge of Treasure Blessing). There are different points of view for the name history of the bridge: some said it got the name because the Gushan’s path ends here. Others believe that the name was derived from Duan Jia Qiao, or Duan Qiao, written in various Chinese characters from Broken Bridge, sharing the same pronunciation.


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