Temporäre Kaiserpaläste - Temporary Imperial Palace

Temporary Imperial Palace, Hangzhou 2017

Among the many old buildings around the West Lake, the Temporary Imperial Palaces are the most striking part. During the South Song Dynasty, some royal palaces were built near the West Lake. In the Qing Dynasty, there was also a temporary imperial palace, located at the present location of the Hangzhou Sun Yat-sen Park and locally known as Xihu Xinggong (West Lake Temporary Imperial Palace). Nowadays, the relics of the temporary imperial palace, which has been burnt down, are well protected in the neighborhood of Gushan.

In the park, you can see the foundations and raw materials of the former palaces. The main path through the gate of the park is connected to a stone wall with two giant red characters “Gu Shan” (Solitary Hill). Historically, the former imperial palace is larger than the current park. There is a large and decorative Paifang-style building with an attractive screen by Fu Dan Guang Hua (The glorious light of the day), reminiscent of the origin of Fudan University, a domestically famous University in Shanghai.


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