Gushan - Solitary Hill

Gushan, Hangzhou 2017

Gu Shan or Solitary Hill as a name is shared by several scenic places in different regions of China, but the most famous attraction is the Solitary Hill located on West Lake of Hangzhou, more precisely at the northwest corner of the West Lake. As the most famous area for its density of cultural sites, the Gushan was a popular destination for traditional Chinese scholars.

Because of its location between the inner West Lake and the outer West Lake, it was named Gu Shan. It is also widely called Mei Yu or Plum Island, due to the abundance of plum blossoms. The height of the Solitary Hill is 38 meters, making it the lowest among the hills around the West Lake, but it is the only natural island in the West Lake.

In the Southern Song Dynasty it was the site of the West Taiyi Palace, the Emperor’s Garden of Emperor Lizong, and later became the Zhongshan Park (West Lake Temporary Imperial Palace) of Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty.


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