Quyuan Garten - Quyuan Garden

Quyuan Garden, Hangzhou 2017

One of the most beautiful places around the West Lake is the northeastern Quyuan Garden, offering pagodas, pavilions and the magical combination of Chinese architecture, Chinese flower decoration, and the lake.

With more than 200 Lotus species, Quyuan Garden is the largest Lotus Park in China. In the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), near the Hongchun Bridge, was an official brewery that used the water of the Jinsha to produce beer and wine. In 1699, Emperor Kangxi changed the name from “Yeast Courtyard” to “Curved Garden”, and since then the area has been known for the Lotus swinging in the breeze. It became one of the 10 scenarios of the West Lake. In 1983 the garden, which covers an area of 28 hectares, was made accessible to the public after renovations.


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