Huangshan Stadt - Huangshan City

City Views Huangshan, China 2017

Huangshan is a district-free city in the province of Anhui, China. The famous mountain Huangshan is located in its administrative area, which covers an area of ​​9,807 square kilometers.

In the city center, a whole street of 1.5 kilometers, the Song Street, also known as Tunxi Old Street, has been reconstructed in the local style of the Ming and Qing period. Numerous souvenir shops and restaurants are crowded here.

Huangshan occupies the southernmost part of Anhui. It borders Chizhou in the northwest, Xuancheng in the north-east, Jiangxi in the southwest and Zhejiang in the southeast. Huangshan’s story dates back to the time of the First Emperor. The current jurisdiction of the city covers a large part of the historical and cultural region of Huizhou, which together with Anqing formed the name of the province of Anhui. Huangshan is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, Mount Huangshan and Hongcun and Xidi, the ancient villages of southern Anhui. It is a leading destination in China.


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