Shixin Gipfel - Shixin Peak

Shixin Peak, Huangshan 2017

The southern part of Anhui is surpassed by the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan), one of the most exciting areas of East China. The Huangshan is known as “the most beautiful mountain of China” and was praised for a good part of Chinese history by art and literature. Since 1990, the mountain belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO.

The total area of 1,200 km², a 154 km² protected landscape park, is home to a unique flora and fauna.

If you start the 6-hour climb over the Eastern Steps or take the Yungu cable car to shorten it to 10 minutes, you first reach the area around the Shixin Peak. On the further way, you pass the mushroom pavilion, the harp pine, and the ‘Beginning to believe’ peak.

From here, the route continues to the Beihai Hotel with its impressive surroundings around the Lions Peak.


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