Trommelturm - Drum Tower

Drum Tower, Hangzhou 2017

The drum tower is located on the eastern side of Wushan and the junction of Zhongshan Road and Wangjiang Road in the area of Qinghefang in Hangzhou. It is a favorite historical place to learn more about Chinese history.

In the past, it was also called “Chao Tian Men”, which means “the gateway to heaven”. Originally, the drumming tower had a military function, but later became a favorite place in Chinese literature.

Built during the 5 dynasties (907 – 979) as part of a new city wall, the drum tower is already over a thousand years old. The tower has been rebuilt several times over the years. The last reconstructed drum tower in 2002 covers an area of 1,046 square meters and stands at an altitude of 19.8 meters. The walls show the remains of the former building. On the second floor is the main hall with a variety of drums.


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