Qinghefang, Hangzhou 2017

Qinghefang, also known as Hefang Street, belongs to the area of ​​Southern Song Imperial Street, which is located at the northern foot of Wushan in Hangzhou. It is only a few hundred meters from the beautiful West Lake. With an area of ​​13 hectares, the road is the only well-preserved part of the ancient city. Like a miniature of the city’s long history, it is the best place to embody the historical and cultural character of Hangzhou.

Qinghefang has been the most flourishing street in the city since antiquity. During the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 – 1279 AD), Qinghefang was the center of politics, culture, and commerce in the city, with many shops, restaurants, and teahouses. After so many years, it is still a prosperous business. Many famous centuries-old shops are located in this old street.

The road is named after General Zhang Jun, who defeated the Jin Army in the city of Mingzhou, now known as Ningbo. When the General was celebrated as Viceroy, he founded the Qinghejun Villa on Taiping Lane. It was located directly on the Hefangstraße. After a while, the whole street was just renamed Qinghefang Street to honor the General.


Good to know:

Phoenix Mosque
Opening Hours: all day

Former Residence of Yu Qian
Opening Hours: daily 8:00 – 16:30

Spring Festival at the Old Street during Chinese New Year
Wushan Lantern Festival after the Chinese New Year
Qinghefang Tea Fair in April
Colorful Night Tour every Saturday in June, July and August
Wushan Temple Fair in October
Chinese Folk Artisan Festival in October
Southern Song Imperial Culture and Art Festival in November

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