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City Views Taipei, Taiwan 2017

Taipei is a city on the Danshui River in the northern part of Taiwan and the capital of the country. Taipei is the fourth largest city in the country and together with New Taipei forms the most significant metropolitan area.

The area of ​​Taipeh originally belonged to the tribal area of ​​Taiwanese native tribes of the Ketagalan tribe. Between 1626 and 1642, Spain built isolated bases in the north of Taiwan but was driven out by the Dutch. It was only after the end of the 17th century that control of the Qing Dynasty was lost, that the settlements of northern Taiwan began to spread through Chinese immigrants.

For the most famous sights, you have to expect at least three days in Taipei. In one day you can visit the National Palace Museum, the Grand Hotel, the Confucius Temple, the Baoan Temple and possibly the Longshan Temple. In the evening one of the night markets can not be missed. On the second day, you can visit the 228 Peace Park, the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and the Sun Yat Sen Memorial before heading to the Taipei 101. But not only the sights should be seen in Taipei, but also with a stroll through the city quarter in everyday life of the inhabitants.

Depending on the interest, the itinerary can be changed, if you want to go on foot and want to experience more of the city flair, you can also take the following points: Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Bo Pi Liao and the National Taiwan Museum.


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