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Missionary House, Tamsui 2017

Directly opposite the Aletheia University in Tamsui, the mission house was founded in 1875 by Dr. George Leslie Mackay to serve as a residence for the missionaries of the time. This Spanish-style building was built of sandstone blocks that have a distinctive thermal character and make the mission house a perfect place to stay cool on a subtropical island like Taiwan.

Overlooking the Tamsui River and Guanyin Mountains in the distance, the Missionary House should not be missed during a visit to Tamsui. Today it has been transformed into a restaurant where students demonstrate their service skills and take visitors on a guided tour of the history of Tamsui.

In the garden is a huge camphor tree, which has been growing for more than a century and certainly has an interesting history to tell.


Good to know:

Opening hours: not open to tourists
Website: www.tshs.ntpc.gov.tw (Chinese/English)

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