Historischer Block Bo Pi Liao - Historical Block Bo Pi Liao

Bo Pi Liao Old Street, Taipei 2017

During the Qing Dynasty, Bopiliao was a ship and export center due to its ideal location on the Tamsui River. Although it ‘s hard to imagine Chinese trading ships that traverse the curves of this river, transport via water was once the only practical way of moving goods into and out of the Taipei Basin. Nowadays, Bopiliao is often referred to as Monga or Manka, because of a popular Taiwanese film.

Although traders and store owners had long since disappeared, the inhabitants of Monga urged the government to rehabilitate the old street and architecture rather than build new buildings in their place. The brick-built and wooden doors offer a glimpse into the past, and with a bit of imagination, you can imagine the liveliness of this historical place.

Although the area is often described as a bit, a day in and around Bopiliao offers the kind of authenticity that only a living city can provide. The people who walk along the streets and the resident shops are not an artificial reproduction but the real life.


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