Shitoushan Park

Shitoushan Park, New Taipei 2017

Only five minutes drive from downtown Jinshan, Shitoushan is known for its geological features, the Twin Candlestick Islets. A visit to the Zhongzhen Pavilion at Shitoushan Park allows a breathtaking view of the unique Twin Candlestick Islets. With an altitude of 60 meters, the Twin Candlestick Islets were once part of the Jinshan Cape but were later separated from the Cape because of the movements of tectonic plates and coastal erosion.

Initially a single, isolated arch, the two upright pillars took their present form upon the top collapsed, giving a striking resemblance to two chandeliers, hence the name.

Taiwan was once an authoritarian country with 38 years of martial law. During this time, Shitoushan Park served as a military fortress guarding the North Coast. Due to the lack of commercial development, this area has been preserved as a relatively intact natural landscape and is now a paradise for hikers.


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