Linji Huguo Tempel - Linji Huguo Temple

Linji Huguo Temple, Taipei 2017

Visiting Shilin are the first place indeed the Shilin Night Market, the Taipei Expo Park or the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The temple is rarely perceived with more than a hundred years of history. Built in the Japanese colonial era, the temple honors the Shakyamuni Buddha with a wooden-built main hall, Japanese tiles, and tiles.

The Huguo Chan, the Buddhist temple of the Linji school, was founded by the Japanese Zen master Tokuan Genshu to spread Buddhist teachings. It took 11 years to construct the temple. The Linji School of Chan Buddhism, along with the Soto School, later became an influential form of Buddhism in Taiwan.
The temple includes a main gate, a dharma hall, a grand sanctuary, and an abbot chapel. The original main entrance and the Grand Sanctuary are still fully maintained and in good condition. The Huguo Chan Buddhist temple of the Linji school is today regarded as the most beautiful wooden temple from the Japanese colonial era.

The monk, as well as the faithful here, are very hospitable. With some luck at the right time, the honor will be part of a ceremony. In the context of the Chinese New Year festival a ceremony takes place in honor of the dead, the high-ranking monks come to the temple and are celebrated for several hours.


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