Kap Fugui Park - Fugui Cape Park

Fugui Cape Park, New Taipei 2017

From the Green Reef of Laomei, marked hiking trails lead up to the Fugui Cape Park, on a gentle slope formed by volcanic eruption. This is the northernmost Cape of Taiwan, and at its peak, Taiwan’s northernmost point is the black and white Fugui Lighthouse.

The Cape is also known for its Wind Kanters, rocks that are ejected during volcanic eruptions and deposited behind the coast. These rocks have been blown over time by northeastern Typhoon winds, so they now have sharp angles on their wind side.

Fugui Cape was formerly called ‘Dabin’ or ‘Dabian’ and described as ‘Hoek’ (Cape) by the Dutch in the middle of the 18th century. The name was later transliterated, from ‘Fuji’ and then to ‘Fugui’.

Fugui Cape Park is full of rocks weathered by winds. Likewise, the upper parts of the tree groups in the park have fewer branches and leaves than the lower parts. This fact is described as branches and leaves trimmed with scissors, called ‘Fengjianshu’ (wind-cut trees) in Chinese.


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