Fugui Leuchtturm - Fugui Lighthouse

Fugui Lighthouse, New Taipei 2017

Fugui Cape, Sandiao Cape, and Bitou Cape are known as the three most famous cape on the north coast. The Fugui Cape is located at the northernmost tip of the mainland of Taiwan. At the end of the path in the Fugui Cape Park is the Fugui Lighthouse, an octagonal tower painted with black and white horizontal bands to stand against the horizon during fog or low clouds.

The Fugui Lighthouse was first built by the Japanese in 1896, and all materials used during construction were delivered directly from Japan. It has existed for more than a century but is preserved in its original form. The unique location and striking stripes make the Fugui Lighthouse one of the most remarkable landmarks of the North Coast.

The early spring is greeted by white lilies gracefully swinging back and forth on their elegant stems, something that flower lovers should not miss. The coastal line, with the Green Reef of Laomei at the beginning of the itinerary, is another unique scene that is not to be missed.


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