Neu-Taipeh Bezirk - New Taipei District

New Taipei, Taiwan 2017

New Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan with about 3.9 million inhabitants. New Taipei was established in December 2010 by the merger of all 29 cities and municipalities of the former county of Taipeh in northern Taiwan and has since become a city.

New Taipei embraces the city of Taipei, bordering the city of Taoyuan in the southwest, Yilan County in the southeast, Keelung in the north, and the East China Sea, as well as Formosastraße in the northwest. In the central and western part, the metropolis of the city merges with the Taipei basin. The Yangmingshan Mountains go through the north of the city.

As the city developed from the former district of Taipei, there is no real city center. The regions near the Taipei border are mostly populated, while other districts have a more rural structure.


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