Yanzikou Grotte - Yanzikou Grotto

Yanzikou Grotto, Taroko National Park 2017

The Yanzikou Grotto and its grotto trail is interspersed with tunnels and overlooks the narrowest part of the Taroko Gorge where the river is the fastest. There are three points to focus on: the ragged holes in the rock walls, the Zhuilu cliff and the rock of the Indian chief.

Due to the long-term erosion of Taroko through the Liwu River into an extremely narrow and deep valley in the Marmorfelsen, hundreds of so-called “Schlaglöchern” have become a natural nesting place for swallows.

The Zhuilu Cliff is an exposed rock wall along the Zhuilu Old Trail, part of an old cross-island highway. This trail is only accessible to visitors with permission.


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