Xuhai Grasland - Xuhai Grassland

Xuhai Grassland, Taitung 2017

The Xuhai Grassland, also Shiuhai or Syuhai, is located near the Alangyi Old Trail, which is only accessible to visitors with permission. However, slightly above the path is a meadow, which is available to everyone.

If you cross the abandoned visitor center, you reach a somewhat brittle wooden stairs. After a short walk through a small forest, which is inhabited by tons of butterflies, you arrive at a Chinese pavilion with an aborigine totem and is located in the Xuhai Grassland.

A large tract of small bushes. If you are on the edge of the cliff with a height of about 300 meters, you can observe the endless sky, the sea horizon, and the sun and enjoy a touching calm that is experienced by only a few.


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