City Views Jiufen, Taiwan 2017

With its unique Old Town and its coastal flair, Jiufen is a must when visiting North Taiwan. The city is also a film mecca for lovers of Taiwanese cinema, especially fans of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s ‘A City of Sadness’, which Jiufen used as a backdrop for the events of the 228 incident. Given the Best Director award at the Cannes International Film Festival for the film ‘The Assassin’ in 201, more people will probably come here.

Tea houses and cafes line the old streets of Jiufen and offer an exquisite view of the sleepy mountain landscape and the harbor of Keelung.

The name of the village came from a funny story: long ago there were only nine families living in the area. Because there were no roads, goods could only be delivered by ship. Because of the inefficiency of transport in the region, families have always ordered nine parts of household wares at a time. This is where the name Jiufen, “Nine Portions” was born, and since then has been the name of the city.


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