Felsenwald Beiguan - Beiguan Tidal Park

Beiguan Tidal Park, New Taipei 2017

Beiguan Park, also known as Lancheng Park, is a coastal park in the north-east of Taiwan. With Nanguan to the south, it is the entrance to Lanyang Plain. During the Qing Dynasty Beiguan were a military outpost and the Qing government stationed here soldiers. There are 2 old cannons of the Qing Dynasty in the park. After millions of years of erosion, there are many natural scenes in the park, especially the rocks. The park also has a great view of the sea and the waves.

The Guanhai Pavilion offers views of Guishan Island, Wai-ao, and Beiguan. The Guanhai Pavilion is a perfect place for sunrise. The best time to visit Beiguan is when the tide rises or when the sun goes down.

The most remarkable geological features of this area are Cuesta formations and tofu rock. Beiguan Tidal Park is located on the top of the largest of the Cuestas. Along the footpath, you can see unusual rock formations. The interaction of the rough waves with the rocky shore gives the place its unique atmosphere.


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