Changchun Schrein - Changchun Shrine

Eternal Spring Shrine, Taroko National Park 2017

The Changchun Shrine, also the Eternal Spring Shrine, was built in 1958 to commemorate the 212 workers who died during the construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway. Its unique location on the side of the mountain and the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty make this shrine one of the most famous scenic spots in the Taroko National Park. Natural spring water empties into the Liwu River through the front of the memorial in the eternal spring waterfall, giving it a surreal look as if it were flowing out of the sky.

In 1987 the cliff broke down on the river and destroyed the old pavilion next to the Changchun Shrine. It was reconstructed in 1997 and made accessible to the public. Meanwhile, however, the site is closed again.

Behind the shrine, there is a 2.2-kilometer-long path with steep stairs called ‘Heavenly Ladder’ leading to the Guanyin Cave, the Taroko Tower, and the Bell Tower. This trail leads to a Hängebrücke and finally to Changuang Temple.


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