Waldschutzgebiet - Forest Recreation Area

Forest Recreation Area, Kenting National Park 2017

Kenting is truly a world of its own. There are so many fascinating landscapes, and nature is manifested in different facets in the area. Today’s forest conservation area was once a village called ‘Sheding’. It was inhabited by the Paiwan hundreds of years ago. During the Japanese occupation, it became a tropical plant garden and later, under the Taiwanese government, a protected area to preserve life and landscapes.

Millions of years ago, the area was still under the sea. Fossils of algae, shellfish, and corals, which are always found, confirm this. Furthermore, there is an erosion cave, and the underground water system has formed a dripstone cave, a rarity in Taiwan.

Walking through the park, you can see monkeys jumping in the forest and eagles hovering high above the landscape using the air flow formed by the landscape.


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