Xiaowan Bucht - Xiaowan Bay

Xiaowan Beach, Kenting National Park 2017

The name Xiaowan means small bay, so this beach also bears the nickname Little Bay. Xiaowan has a white beach and is perfect for a variety of watersports, such as swimming, diving and banana boating or jet skiing.

Also, the coral reef of Xiaowan is rich in tropical fish and corals, which provide a beautiful place to snorkel. There is also a café on the beach of Xiaowan where you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing moment by the sea.

For the sunset, numerous visitors from the nearby village of Kenting are attracted to the beach to observe the melting of the sun with the sea. The sunsets here remind you a little of those at Jimbaran Beach on Bali; therefore, the beach is sometimes called Little Bali Beach.


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