Höhle des schwarzen Geistes - Black Ghost Cave

Black Ghost Cave, Liuqiu 2017

The cave of the black spirit, also the Black Devil’s Cave, is located in the southwest of the island. It is one of the three most popular tourist attractions on the Isle of Liuqiu. The caves are of coral limestone and distributed throughout the park. The effects of sea corrosion and collapsed rocks are very clear. Through one of these collapses, the entrance of the cave is now clogged.

Located on the coast of the Tianfu village, the black spirit cave draws a historical legend. During the Ming Dynasty, Zheng Cheng-Gong drove the Dutch and some black slaves, left by the Dutch, secretly found shelter in the cave. Boats on the way to the Philippines often anchored in heavy wind. At night, the slaves floated to the ship and made a hole into the ground of the anchoring vessel. After the boat had sunk, they stole food and all the property on it.

Another story says that they were some stranded Portuguese sailors who stolen from the British who now controlled the island. When the British discovered that they were hiding there, they burned them alive in the cave.


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