Höhle der Schönen - Beauty Cave

Beauty Cave, Liuqiu 2017

When visiting the natural attractions of the island, the cave of the beauties can not be missed. The whereabouts of beauty are unknown. It was said that during the Ming Dynasty a beautiful and talented woman dragged herself into the beauty cave after a shipwreck and lived the rest of her life alone in the cave. The anecdote complemented the Scenic Spot, and the truth is no longer important compared to the fascination of the cave.

Situated on the north-east cape of Little Liuqiu, you can see a sloping coral reef site next to the Beauty Cave. It is divided into 13 places: Chu-Jing-Tan-Yo (Tortuous Ways), Tian-Wai-Tian (Sky in Sky), Ching Renping (Lover’s Flat), Hsien Ren-Tung (Spirit’s Cavern), and Hsien Ren Chuan (Spirit’s Spring). As well as Wang Hai-Ting (Seascape Observation Pavilion), Yijan Garden, Mi-Ren-Chen (Seductive Formation), Yi-Hsien-Tian (Narrow Heaven), Jung-Yan -Gu (Banyan Rock Valley), Ning-Jing-Gu (Tranquil Valley) and Bat Cave.

The coral reef cliffs and strange dark caves along the winding pedestrian bridge are supplemented with occasional encounters with small animals in the tree or on the ground. In the coastal area, the broad horizon and the sea open breathtaking views.


Good to know:

Ferry from Donggang: daily 7:30, 9:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:00
Price: 120 NT$ (Round Trip)
Website: www.tfship.com.tw (Chinese)

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