Fengchuisha, Kenting National Park 2017

The Kenting National Park is the oldest national park in Taiwan and one of the most popular excursion destinations in Taiwan. It covers 333 square kilometers of land and sea. It is home to the cities of Hengchun, Checheng, and Kenting.

The east coast of Taiwan usually consists of rocky shores. However, Kenting is at the southern tip of Taiwan, and so one finds here mixed species of the coast. In Fongchuisha the sand with the northeastern winds fly from the shore, and the amount of sand is large enough to accumulate on the road. Sometimes the grit covers the entire alley and becomes a dune.

In winter, the power of the wind impresses the visitor on the barren, steep coastal section. The wind is strong enough to lean against the body. In the summer it weakens to a breeze.


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