Eluanbi Leuchtturm - Eluanbi Lighthouse

Eluanbi Lighthouse, Kenting National Park 2017

The Eluanbi Lighthouse and its park are located at the southernmost point of Taiwan. The lighthouse is 21 meters high, and the brightness is 1.8 million watts. It is 50.4 kilometers away, making it the most luminous lighthouse in Taiwan.

In the Qing dynasty, built with the help of English engineers, this lighthouse is a special one. It is one of the few lighthouses that have a defensive wall erected as a shelter from the natives.

After its destruction during the First Chinese-Japanese War, it was repaired by the Japanese in 1898. In the Second World War, the lighthouse was destroyed by American air raids. Today’s lighthouse was built in 1962, and the government decided to build a park here. During the construction of the compound, relics of over five thousand years ago, from the Stone Age, were discovered.


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