Chuanfan Felsen - Chuanfan Rock

Chuanfan Rock, Kenting National Park 2017

Chuanfan Shi, the “sailing rock”, is a 26.4 m high rock in the sea, the shape of which reminds a ship’s sail. Chuanfanshi means ‘sail stone’. The rock looks like a sail of a boat that protrudes from the sea in the distance. The coral coast is here in a bay between two peninsulas. This location attracts a lot of marine life and makes the place perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Besides the Yehliu Geopark in northern Taiwan, the Kenting National Park is also a geological feature. The rock was broken from the coral bank but is hard enough to withstand the erosion that the coastline has flattened behind the stone.

There are no limits to the imagination when looking at rock formations. Some say the Chuanfan looks like the head of the US President Nixon as you go close to the stone.


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