Tianliao Mondlandschaft - Tianliao Moon World

Tianliao Moon World, Kaohsiung 2017

Tianliao Moon landscape is a section of barren land between the Chongde and the Gutin village in the Tianliao District. It is a desolate yet bizarre desert with its beauty, reminding of a landscape on the moon. In response to the number of tourists, the government has recruited this place as a scenic area and built a wide wooden path and viewing platform. At night a projection with colorful lighting takes place.

This form of a landscape is referred to in the geography as ‘badlands’. It is caused by severe erosion of rain and streams over the years due to the ‘rejuvenation’ of the earth’s crust. The Tianliao lunar region is located in the valley of a small tributary of the Erren River and formerly owned a dam to store water in the rainy season. Today only total devastation has remained.


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